What's in the bag? : At the ready

I am definitely an "always be prepared "kind of a girl!  If I've learned one big lesson the hard way, it's that you never know what's coming next.  

While no one can be prepared for everything at all times, I firmly believe in attempting to cover as many bases as you can.  One super easy thing that just about anyone can do is to make an "at the ready" bag.  Pack it up and stow it away in the trunk of your car for an "as needed" use.  

The tutorial below is for the summer months, but you can just as easily pack a bag for any other season.

A small satchel or tote will do the trick.  You just want a safe storage place for the items you might need if plans change or accidents happen. 

My summer "at the ready" bag contains: 
1) one set of clean undergarments.  F21 makes these cute, super affordable sets in a myriad of colours.  A last minute lay-over or change of clothes calls for a fresh pair. I like that these are comfy and supportive, plus they double as sleepwear if needed. 
2) an easy LBD or sundress in your favourite colour.  Spilled wine, or last minute dinner plans?  A quick switcheroo into a simple dress and you're good to go! 
3) if it's summertime, you never know when someone is going to extend an invitation to the pool. Be prepared to say yes by making sure you stow away a swimsuit for emergency use.  In a pinch a bikini can double as a spare set of undies as well.
4) simple separates are a must.  Denim shorts and a tank are an easy solution when you need a change of clothes.
5) I always always always have these towelettes on hand! Lightly scented in 4711, they're a great option for cleaning up a bit or refreshing.
6) simple go-with-anything sandals.  I keep a simple, inexpensive pair of flip flops in my bag.  You never know when a heel might break or those pretty heels might blister.
7) a comb (or brush), lotion and deodorant should always be waiting as backup.  I love this wooden comb from The Body Shop for wet hair, my hg Fresh Sugar roll-on deo, and Boots lightweight moisturizer.
8) no emergency bag would be complete without a first aid kit.  I prefer the hard-shell cases like this one.  Mine is similar, though several years old now...from drugstore.com .  Make sure you stock yours with items particular to your health and wellness needs, in addition to the standard first-aid supplies.

I choose the items that are going to go into my "at the ready" bag at the start of each season.  I fold each item flat and compact and place it, along with a clean dryer sheet, in a Ziploc bag which will keep it fresh, dry and clean all season long.  

As you might have noticed, I did not include any cosmetics.  Prolonged heat exposure can cause chemical changes so I don't advise keeping makeup in your car over time in the heat.  Because I carry a small cosmetics bag with mascara, blusher sheets and tinted balm in my purse,  I'm covered! 

What's in the bag : At the ready


Regine Karpel said...

Love your picks! What's in your bag!

Leanna: said...

Why, thank you Regine! So glad you stopped by!

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