5 minute face - summer 2013

For the most part I've had a fairly consistent makeup routine most of my adult life.  Sure, there were a few hiccups along the way, particularly in my teenage years when finding colors that suited my skin tone was far more challenging than now.  Still to this day, I all too embarrassingly recall an entire summer where I insisted that I could simply blend the much-lighter-than-my-skintone powder foundation enough to make it work!  Multicolored, much?!? But, there were hits early on as well. I just as easily recall how various boyfriends along the way insisted that It was nice to be dating someone who was natural and didn't wear any makeup despite my acknowledgment… i.e. dragging their faces close and pointing out the golden-olive eyeshadow and the mascara I was wearing!   Yes dear, because eyelids do come in gold-flecked olive green, naturally!  Looking back though, I suppose we were both a little bit right.  Compared to the fully-foundationed and colorfully-shellacked faces of most my peers, my face was pretty darn close to naked...but, my must-have mascara and shadow meant I did believe in a little primping. 

One thing it took me forever and a day to finally learn, was that I do have sensitive skin. In fact, for the most part, we all do!  As a teenager and young woman I somehow idiotically believed that because my complexion was a bit darker, my skin could probably take slightly worse treatment.  So I scrubbed my face morning and night with whatever bar soap I had on hand, and on the rare occasions when I actually remembered to moisturize, used whatever bargain lotion I had found on the clearance rack.  Strangely enough, this got me through most of my early 20s with very few problems.  Then in my mid 20s, came pregnancy and along with it a host of  new skin "issues".  With my pregnant body beyond my control I suddenly got why women put so much time and attention into refining their faces.  All the fun and creativity that I had previously only utilized for theatre makeup purposes was there at my fingertips to dabble with.  And as any artist worth his salt will tell you, first you must prep a clean canvas!  So I finally got down to the nitty-gritty business of establishing a skincare routine.  

One thing I've come to learn is that any skincare routine requires tweaking from time to time. Our skin reflects everything else our body is undergoing, so temperature and diet and cycles all play their part.  In recent years I've radically altered my diet (cutting out all my allergens) and therefore had to make a number of adjustments as my skin responded to each stage.  While I'm still searching for the perfect moisturizer, I've found a good-enough stand in.  And while I'm a total sucker for pretty eye shadows and liners, my basic look is pretty natural....

Here's what's working for me this summer...in my Five Minute Face: 

Face In Five: everyday summer 2013

1) This last-forever superpump costs a pretty penny initially but is oh-so-worth-it! Lightweight and non-greasy.  Plus, a convenient Ulta coupon scored me a 20% discount, and I can practically guarantee at least a year's worth of daily use.  Sunscreen should always go on clean, bare skin.

2) I'm still not a foundation wearer ( except for special occasions where there will be lots of photography) so this combo of moisturizer and tinted shimmer is my one-two punch for a base. 

3) I know full well that one should first curl, then swipe when it comes to lashes, but I can't help myself from doing just the opposite each and every time!  After the sample mascara I received ran out, I caved and bought another...this BadGal works!  And I'm totally in love with this Nars shadow in Ondine...a silky, neutral on my olive complexion and a dupe for the darker colour in Clinique's Strawberry Fudge eyeshadow duo...which I wore down to the dregs! 

4) On days when I look super-tired, a light touch of Nars Amour is just the thing.  I was afraid that the colour would be waaaay to pink on me, but a light touch imparts a lit-from-within glow. 

5) My sample run-in years ago with the Fresh brand hooked me for life!  There's always always one of these sugar lip treatment balms in my bag.  I apply a sheer coat once I've brushed my teeth, wait for it to settle in, blot and either top with my neutral (Clinique's chubby stick in Whole Lotta Honey) or my current fave colour (Nars Dressed to Kill). 

...and done...












What's your daily beauty routine? Have a favorite product you think I should try? 

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