The Hit List : Beautiful Birthstones for my Birthday

With only a day between this girl and her birthday, it's getting festive up in here!  

Inspired by my birthday...and love of all things sparkly, I've pulled together a fun collection of birthstone baubles.  

My son's birthstone is amethyst and mine is pearl, so I'm hoping to someday add in a piece with both.  A sweet ensemble inspired by both would be a great way to highlight a birthday gift of jewelry. 

Personally I think unique birthstone jewelry is a great gift choice for any mother.  Single or otherwise!  Representative of the child(ren) she so cherishes, but also of her own individuality.   A loving reminder of all she holds dear.  And a sparkly treasure to last for years to come.  

While there is obviously a large enough selection of splurge-worthy baubles at all the standard jewelry retailers, I think I'd head to Etsy first, to find something more unique, perhaps less expensive, and maybe even custom-designed. 

Friday Fashion Finds: Birthstones









What birthstones would make the cut for your ideal piece? Would you choose an individual piece, like a necklace or ring? Or would you only be satisfied with a set? 
~the (almost) birthday girl

1 comment:

  1. I love both amethyst and pearl, so I def agree with all your choices. And that dress is so cute!
    Happy birthday!


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