Do I keep it? F21 Lobster Sweater

Yet another contender for my affection...and room in my closet is this darling summer-weight sweater I could not resist from Forever 21.  It's oversized and drapey, but thin enough for cool summer nights on the bay. 

Now my love of lobster themed items knows no bounds...but maybe, just maybe, it's time to set some boundaries.  I already have one dress (Anthro), two skirts (Anthro and J.Crew) and one pair of shorts (Anthro, again!).  Does that mean I'm full up...or is it time to add a top into the collection ?!?  

And...if I henceforth refer to it as the collection does that mean I can continue to add in other lobster-print apparel at whim ?!? 

Or am I but one sweater away from becoming the crazy lobster lady...

Do I keep it? F21 Lobster Sweater






What do you suggest? Is my love of lobsters bordering on stalker-itis, or is having a favourite print quirky, eclectic and downright acceptable?  

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